Pyranha 9r – Fast is Fun on the Tallulah Gorge

I am fired up on this new boat! Going fast and linking up moves is one of my favorite ways to kayak and the 9r makes it that much better. The 9r is the highest performance, most progressive kayak design ever made, and if you need some proof just take a look at the rocker profile. Some serious thought and testing went into this boat, and it is unlike anything else out there. If you haven’t already, check it out and give one a test paddle, I am sure you will be fired up! I have been loving mine, and had the idea to paddle the Tallulah Gorge in Georgia as fast as I could. It took just over 10 minutes from Oceana to Lake Tugaloo. The run may have been over quick, but it was one of the most fun laps i’ve ever had out there! Check out this quick video of the run, hope you enjoy!

– Clay


Moose Fest and King of New York 2014



One weekend in mid-October, several of the Pyranha boys and girls headed up to chilly Old Forge, New York, for the final race in the King of New York Series. The water in the Moose River was over twice as high as normal flows, prompting race organizers to move the race to the Lower Moose this year, which was plenty raging for the 1.5 mile stretch of whitewater chosen for the race. The race began above Iron Bridge, with a mass upstream-facing start. Racers had to attain to the top of an island, then turn downstream and haul ass to the finish, located after two long rapids. With almost one quarter of the competitors being women, this race was much better looking than the average whitewater race. Pat Keller took first place as part of his pre-Green Race training program, and was followed by young buck Robert Waldron, a youth recently rescued from impending degeneracy by mentor Geoff Calhoun, who came in hot on his tail. Jared Seiler, defending King, was fourth in. The ladies field was led by Margaret Williams and Erin Savage in long boats; I followed as the first girl in a short boat.

Though the KONY series is traditionally raced primarily in long boats, I couldn’t resist seeing how the Pyranha 9R would hold up in the pack. After a romantic evening getting to know each other on the ride to New York state, I was confident that the 9R would satisfy my need for speed.


The 9R and I spending a quiet night in before the race.

After racing in the 9R, I think I can say with confidence that the ladies will love the 9R. The high-riding bow flies over waves, and it turns on a bow draw as easily as it carves, which is a huge plus for this former slalom racer. It also holds a line though, which is especially impressive for a boat that spins so easily. For a light paddler (115lbs/ 52kg), the 9R feels like it’s hovering slightly above the water, and it punches holes like a dream. In short, this boat is perfect for smaller paddlers: light paddlers can expect to put this boat where they want it easily, and to get some pretty major air off boofs.


To see the 9R in action, check out this little edit I made of Moose Race:



The long Road to recovery, heeling, resting and enjoying the simpler times. By: Kyle Hull

The long Road to recovery

The weeks after a serious injury are definitely the most interesting. After months of P.T, sitting around, and reading countless books, when the Doc finally gives you the green light you are more than ready to get up and go. When I broke my Tibia plateau in 4 spots and was on crutches for 3 months, I knew was more than ready to get back in my boat and go.

The worst part is that you just can’t get up and go. It’s now been 3 months since I have been off crutches and I still run with a drop foot and I can’t jump yet. Walking down hills used to hurt more than it did now I can do it with my kayak. The best part is that you get back to living again. I was unbelievably stoked on just paddling flat water and doing attainments right in front of my parent’s house when I was still on crutches.


I was fully walking and on my feet in the beginning of August. So I left my parents house in Nor Cal and headed back to white salmon to catch the dregs of the summer kayaking. It was amazing to say the least. The Cispus, which is my favorite summer time run, was still flowing at a healthy medium flow and I was happy to bag about 6 laps on it before it dropped out. I also did numerous laps on the Green Truss, as well as just living simpler times at the Substantial Media Mansion.


Now it is the beginning of November and I am gearing up for winter. I was excited to get an invite from Rafeal Ortiz to go compete in a brand new style of Competition show casing waterfalls. So at the end of this month I will be headed down to the Agua Azules for the Rey Del Rio competition. So stay tuned for more info coming from there. So for the time being I just making sure my knee still getting stronger and keeping my paddling sharp. I cannot wait for the 2015 season to begin and just start getting after it.

Thanks to everyone for the support with this Injury and I will see Yall on the Rio.  Here are a few run’s I was able to get on late in the season before the water ran out in the North West.


British Universities Kayaking Expedition 2015 – Selection Event

The British Universities Kayaking Expedition‘s are entering their tenth year. Students from around the country were invited to submit paper applications which were scored by previous team members, with the top twenty being invited for a 3 day ‘selection event’ in North Wales.

The hugely rainfall dependent boating conditions in Wales has required us to improvise in the past, however much to everyone’s relief the rain gods were smiling on us and came up with the goods.

Friday morning saw the 8 car convoy heading en-masse for the Mawddach. The gauges were reading low, but the constant rain gave us hope that it was on the up, so we made the call and got on.

The final expedition team would be selected by means of a vote later in the weekend, so the twenty applicants were split into smaller groups to give everyone the opportunity to paddle with people they’d not paddled with previously, to get to know them, and see how each other approached a ‘new’ river.

pic by Tim Burne

Firing up the chossy fall on the Mawddach

pic by Ant Stewart

Huck and Duck: Tree dodging on the Mawddach

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Western Wanderings 2014

Below: Jenny relaxing in one of the hot springs early in the trip.  Photo by Adam Goshorn.

Hot Spring 1

Below: A compilation of footage from paddling in ID and CO during June and July of 2014.  Video by Adam Goshorn

After years of unsuccessful lottery applications for the Middle Fork of the Salmon River (MFS) in Idaho, this year I was lucky enough to be invited along by friends who won a permit.  Jenny Leaderer and her husband, John Kern, invited Shawn Malone, David Dehart, and I to join them for an eight-day, self-supported run down the MFS in June of 2014.  Dave and Shawn normally prefer to run difficult whitewater in their open boats, but as the trip approached, they decided that having to stop and dump open boats loaded with eight days worth of gear sounded like more work than fun.  So, they decided to pack Shawn’s small raft with their gear and R2 the run instead.  This set-up worked well for them and they allowed Jenny, John, and I to add our camp chairs and a few beers to their raft, making our trip a little more spoiled than self-support typically allows!

Below: John and Adam enjoying typical MFS scenery. Photo by Jenny Leaderer.

JK and AG by JL 1

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Pyranha Team at the 2014 Tyne Tour

The annual Tyne Tour was held yet again in Hexham, Northumberland.  All were welcomed by Hexham Canoe Club for another fantastic weekend. Situated on the magnificent Tyne, a river suitable for all levels of ability, we looked forward to a weekend of paddling with old and new friends.

We set out from North Wales with the Pyranha Kayaks demo fleet, including the new 9R and small Burn. We were looking forward to seeing the reaction to the new boats and we received amazingly positive feedback, especially with the 9R.


Having spent the day demonstrating kayaks, it was finally time to the test the 9R .We cruised downstream through the Tyne valley which was particularly spectacular with the autumnal colours reflecting in the river. Previously we would have found the flat sections pretty hard work, but the new 9R held its speed throughout making it a relaxing paddle.swimming

Warden’s gorge proved to be the highlight of the event with plenty of excitement and carnage. The 9R held it’s own and was like a dream on the top of the waves where we felt very much in control, getting involved in some king of the wave competitions.       double sirf

 Once we had packed up the gear and dried off, it was party time with the amazing firework display followed by the annual ceilidh. Another great event, thanks to all who organised it, participated and partied.


On sunday overnight rain had brought up some of the local rivers, and we couldn’t resist the opportunity to go ‘Yorkshire stouting’. Leaving fellow team member Ben to nurse his hangover and take charge of the stand, we met up with Sam Ellis and Greame Benson at Aysgarth Falls. The sun had come out and we had a great morning lapping this cool set of drops!

barny aysgarth

Written by Louise Fingleton, many thanks to Dan Bradley for kindly letting us use your photos and to the tourists who sent us some photos from Aysgarth Falls!


The last few months…

The last few months have been non-stop, ending with a crazy unfortunate trip to Chile to finish it off!

I spent July working as a raft guide in Whistler and paddling on the Cheak and Callaghan daily waiting for the Stikine to come in, which did and really early! August 2nd and we were getting ready to drive north for our first run of the season! We got there to find great water levels and amazing weather! We had an awesome season opening 3 day trip, another 3 day trip and a one day that was great. Overall we had great weather, some nice/high flows on our second trip and lowish on the others which still make it an amazing run! 

We shot a lot of footage during our trips with Nomade (Tino and Lore) and Eric Parker Photography for a Red Bull project with my brother Aniol. There’s a lot of amazing footage and I can’t wait to watch the edit they are putting together, coming out real soon!

After that we drove south to Revelstoke to try to get some waterfalls but the ran wasn’t enough so we only paddled Sutherland at a very low flow but it was still great.

We then drove back to Whistler, paddled the Ashlu a bunch with great flows and time to go home came by!

Landed in Spain mid september, hang out for a week painting my grandmas house and paddling in Sort and left to Sickline.

Sickline was great, there was 7 of us from Sort so the drive went by pretty fast. Once there it’s a great life, wake up, eat, kayak and sleep. It was great to sleep on nice beds and cook in a kitchen after so many months of traveling and camping!

The race started really good for me, winning the qualification and quarter finals, made the super final in second place as lucky loser after Sam knocked me out on semis but my final run wasn’t good enough and ended up taking 4th. Started off and hit a rock, what made me make more mistakes and  not have a nice rhythm, felt slow throughout all the course and yeah I was almost 2 seconds slower… Hope to learn from this year and be more prepared next year!!

Right after Sick-Line we flew back to BC to finish the Red Bull project as we needed Fall lows water flows. Everything went great and went back home.

I spent some time paddling in Sort, went surfing in France and the Basque Country, got sick for a week and flew to Chile which took a bit lover than expected as I had to spend a couple days in Panamá as they didn’t want to let my boat in the plane once there… 

Anyways summer and fall were great, lots of kayak in amazing places like the Stikine, Revelstoke, Sick-Line… overall an awesome time a bit busier than expected but sweet times. Now I’m hanging out in Chile where I’ll be all winter long escaping the cold and enjoying the great rivers and places this country has to offer.


2014 Green Race… words from Rowan Stuart on her first Green race and a good look at the 9R

(Pre-Race Thoughts by Rowan Stuart):

The Green Race.

The biggest show in sports.

First weekend of November every year for the past 19 years.

Renee Bombardier(1)

Photo:  Renee Bombardier

My brain can’t decide if I’m more stoked or more terrified. It will be my first year to race, and it snowed between two and four inches here in Asheville last night. I’m writing this while huddled in the Pyranha van with four other people. I’ve had really good lines my last few runs out here, and I’m super excited to race. But I’m still at the point where thinking about racing makes me feel a little bit sick to my stomach. Last night I had some weird dreams, but I slept pretty well, all considered.  My challenges right now: waiting until my race time at 3:27 (it’s 12:30 now), and trying to decide what gear to wear under my drysuit for the race.

I’m scared. But it’s a good scared. I’ve got my music playing now, and I know everything will flow smoothly as soon as I get into my boat. I’m focusing on my breathing already, trying to keep it regular and prevent the panicky breathing that I get sometimes. My stomach is rolling and my chest and throat feel tight. I’m so excited for my first green race though. It’s one of those things that I never really thought I would feel ready to do, and even though I’m nervous now I’m definitely feeling ready when it comes to the actual kayaking.

Most of the snow in my boat has melted (that’ll make this much easier). Right now I plan to be getting out of the van and getting dressed right after 2. Walking super slowly to the put in. Racing at 3:27. Being done with the race in around 7 minutes max. I don’t really have a goal this year. I just want to see where I can end up, because I feel like I’ve been going pretty fast out there, but have never timed myself and really have no predictions for where I’ll end up.  Obviously the goal is as fast as possible. Sub 6.5 minutes is probably my fastest goal for now but we’ll see where it ends up and I don’t plan on charging too hard.

Mitch Bearden(1)

Photo:  Mitch Bearden



I was so excited to paddle by the time I got to the start line above Frankenstein. The sick feeling in my stomach went away, and thanks to some good company up there with me I couldn’t stop smiling. My race mantra throughout the run ended up being something along the lines of “It’s okay. You’ve got it. Keep paddling. You can do it. Breathe. Just go smooth. Keep it up.”

My lines left something to be desired, but I can’t wait to watch myself crash off gorilla in the carnage reel. My overall time was 6 minutes and 26 seconds, and I was proud to be the only woman in short boat, with a time only 10 seconds behind 4th place in Women’s long boat. I believe I spent those 10 seconds getting worked in go left.  

In conclusion, the green race was definitely the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, but I loved it and can’t wait to come back next year for more. 

Renee Bombardier(3)

Photo:  Renee Bombardier

Well that’s what it may feel like to be racing the Green for your first time at the age of 18.  Myself, at the age of 33 having ran tons of class V all over the world having already raced the Green 4 times before feel almost exactly the same way.  This is a big part of the draw to the Green race.  That, and for me seeing all the great friends from all over the country and parts of the world.  I’m at the Green race to have fun and see what my time may be at the end of the course.  This year I got my hands on the 9R  a few days before the race so I choose to use it, knowing there was really no way that I could beat some of the long boats, but this boat is just so fun to paddle!  I love it!   I ended up 3rd in the short boat class.  I was slowed up a little, but ya know what the hell, I had a blast anyway!

 Here’s my race run


Female Paddlers: An Update

Paddler: Rowan Stuart, Photo: Nuria Fontane

You may remember us putting out a blog post back in August looking for more female ambassadors to join Team Pyranha; if you missed that, you can find it here:

Shortly after the post was published, we were stunned by a tidal wave of emails, over 200 in fact, from a vast amount of truly inspirational ladies!

Over the next few months we read absolutely every email (with more arriving every day), checked out each link, video and photo sent to us, took into account all recommendations and consulted extensively with our existing team paddlers to pick out as many ladies as we could feasibly support; these people will already have received an email from us letting them know what the next steps are.

To everyone else that applied (and even those ladies who didn’t), please don’t feel like this is the end; everyone who emailed came across as someone with a passion for kayaking, and that’s a quality that Pyranha shares with them completely! From this point on we’d encourage you all to keep doing what you do, record your adventures and experiences (whether that’s via photos, video, a blog or all three), make friends at your local paddling events and make sure you get your name out there and remembered for the right reasons (often being friendly, encouraging and helpful to others will go much further and last far longer than just being the first person to throw yourself down something big in a kayak).

We’d also like you to know that photos, videos, blog posts or any other things you have that are relevant to Pyranha, P&H, Revenge or Venture are always welcome (whether you’re on the Team or not) and if you see us at an event then feel free to come over and say hello. Most of all though, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for showing us just how much ladies rock!

Figures we obtained from the BCU show female participation at any level within the UK paddling scene is currently at around 25%, but the response from our blog post has strongly encouraged us that worldwide we can easily reach above this, and we’re excited to support more ladies and help provide the inspiration to make this happen! We’ll be announcing the new additions to Team Pyranha in stages over the next few months, keep an eye out on for the first of these in the next week!

Happy Paddling!



Hi folks,

Just a quick update of a recent trip! I took my girlfriend (Jenni) out sea kayaking for her first over night trip. I’m not a sea kayaking guru but wow we had an amazing time. It opened my eyes to a new side of our amazing sport. Pyranha were kind enough to let us use the new Venture Jura sea kayak. It was great, Jenni has only been kayaking for hand full of times and she did great. She loved the kayak! We did over 25km the first day, she was flying. We saw some beautiful wildlife, countless seals both in the water and sunbathing, plus a bunch of stunning eagles! I always like to cook to impress on multi-days and this was no exception, fresh veggies cooked up to make a delicious Mexican dish. Take a peek at the photos.

Cheers team, keep having fun!

20140826_162102 20140826_140213 20140826_122946 20140826_155639 20140826_170857 20140826_191140

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